Corporate work

Jackson Lewis engaged us to re-imagine their online HR tools known as “WorkthruIT” as a cohesive and scalable digital service. After identifying the core attributes of the brand we proposed rebranding the service as “Helm”, a bold and distinctive positioning that conveys putting clients in control as well as communicating the firm’s expertise through the subtle use of a compass.

We carried the new “Helm” branding into a navigational tile UX design that focused on providing clear steps and modern, distinct colors.

Leo Flor’s journey from veteran to Fenwick & West attorney brings to life the important work at the Northwest Justice Project, a non-profit program supported by Fenwick & West and Microsoft. lvl worked with Fenwick to design artwork for a video produced by our sister agency, LICIOUS.

Rockefeller Foundation asked us to design infographics related to their food initiative. This infographic takes the idea of a board game to present the different journeys people can take based on dietary choices and health factors, showing how a healthy diet and lifestyle can improve outcomes related to Covid-19.

Over years of strong collaboration with the Comerica team, lvl has produced design graphics and visuals to promote their various online payment and management tools. Resulting design work has helped Comerica to communicate the quality of their products as well as stand out.

Naiane Fiorin is a personal finance firm that supports self-employed professionals to manage their finances. Through clean lines and colorful blocks, our designers presented a modular concept design inspired by the calculator and other financial tools.

Looking to transform a long-form webinar series into a compelling email campaign and lead gen lvl together with our sister agency LICIOUS worked with Morrison & Foerster to design artwork and video series aimed at educating clients about sophisticated financial transactions.